Snowy trip down memory lane…..

Its Superbowl Sunday!!!

And its snowing like crazy. It is so beautiful to see it on the trees and the ground covered in fresh untouched snow. My husband, who has to plow it doesn’t find the beauty i’m sure. I myself, am a warm weather girl, but I do find fresh fallen snow so magical. As a kid the first thing i would do is ride my horse through all our trails on the farm. Something about making those first tracks in the snow was so fun. Charlie, my German Shepard, used to accompany me when I rode. He would make me laugh by racing through the snow and when he got tired, he would find a spot under some trees where the snow wasn’t as deep to sit down.  He wouldn’t let us get very far out of sight before he would catch up to us and take the lead.

Fresh snow meant the sleigh rides would begin!! My favorite place in the world was beside my Grandpa Preston on a sleigh, a wagon, a cart. It didn’t matter the season, we were always doing something with the ponies and horses.

I love to remember these great memories. He was my hero and will always be.  I was a lucky little girl to have such a great teacher and someone who supported me in all my horse hobbies. He wasn’t real supportive of my idea of having a “Rabbit Farm”… but that story is for another day.

Hope you all enjoyed my trip down memory lane and I would love to hear from others that can relate.  Hope you all have a Blessed day.

Point your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.           Proverbs 22:6




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